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Bild zeigt Kunst The Beatles

The Art collection in the House

An exciting Journey through time and around the World

In our travels over the past few years, we’ve assembled an art collection, which inspired us to open our hotel as an Art & Boutique Hotel. We aim to make this mix of modern art, antiques, and photography accessible to the public.

Bild zeigt Kunst Greg Gossel

From our stays in the USA, we’ve collected around 30 pieces by Greg Gossel (born 1982) from West Wisconsin. His work is a powerful interplay of various words, images, and gestures, reminiscent of American “Pop-Art.” Gossel’s multifaceted work illustrates a visual story of change and processes that both characterizes and critiques popular culture.

His works have been exhibited in the USA and abroad, including in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, London, Copenhagen, and Japan. His images are large, powerful, and impressive

Bild zeigt Kunst Greg Gossel

Our collection includes two large photographs (circa 1991) by Gunter Sachs, which he dedicated to his friend – Andy Warhol. The motif – his favorite model, Claudia Schiffer, styled with Brigitte Bardot’s hairdo.

Many remember Gunter Sachs, given his extroverted lifestyle in the 1960s and 1970s, as the prototype of the gentleman playboy. However, Sachs was much more – a bobsledder, documentary filmmaker, astrologer, art collector, and photographer, as our two works impressively demonstrate.

Bild zeigt Claudia Schiffer
Art around the World

You’ll also discover works in our house by Ernesto Yerena (born 1986) – a Mexican-American artist.

With his daring images, he brings political concerns and issues to light. Portrayed are cultural icons, rebels, and everyday people expressing their stance against oppression.

London Street Art is encountered in your rooms and throughout the house.
We own around 250 pieces from a group of artists at Portobello Market (2007) in London. The artist group depicts famous personalities from music and film as well as iconic movie scenes in their images.

The Art Hotel – the artful way to stay in a hotel

Over the past decades, alongside Design Hotels and Boutique Hotels, the Art Hotel has emerged as a further refinement. What lies behind this designation and what guests can discover in such a hotel, we explain in this article.

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More Information

What is an Art Hotel?

The Art Hotel is a sub-type of theme hotels. Its theme is art, which it skillfully presents to its guests. Thus, its walls display a particularly large number of paintings, graphics, and photographs. In most cases, these are originals. In addition to the visual arts, literature and music may also play a role. In these cases, the hotels provide a stage for regular readings and concerts.

Whether it’s painting, music, or literature: the furnishings of these hotels are always high-quality, forming a fitting backdrop for the artistic works. The owners of these usually owner-operated houses are generally themselves enthusiastic about art and good conversation partners for art & co.

How do Art Hotels differ from other hotels?

Even though hybrid forms are common, Art Hotels are distinguished by their focus on artworks from other types of hotels like Design Hotels or Boutique Hotels. The allure of a Design Hotel lies in the sophisticated design of the interior.

This design can very well be by a famous interior designer or furniture designer and thus represent an attraction in itself. The charm of a Boutique Hotel usually lies in its small but fine execution. From the flower vase to the inscription above the reception, almost everything comes from the hotel manager or the hotel director personally.

What Do Travelers Appreciate About Art Hotels?

For many travelers, a hotel is not just accommodation in a foreign city. It is their retreat and place of relaxation after an exciting day, be it in business or on vacation. Now it’s time to relax and recharge with new inspiration.

Few things are as inspiring as artistic works, so it’s no wonder that travelers feel particularly invigorated in Art Hotels. 

When you book a room in such a hotel, you already gaze at famous artists during breakfast and continue your exploration tour after dinner.

Whether the walls display a significant collection from a single artist or a representative cross-section of an entire era: guests always find an Art Hotel refreshing for their spirit.

Why an Art Hotel in Bad Hofgastein / Salzburg?

The good snow conditions in winter and the blooming alpine pastures in summer have made the Gastein Valley in the south of the Salzburg region a popular destination for all of Austria. In recent years, the valley has also gained attention through numerous cultural events. 

 For example, the Festival Art on Snow transforms the winter landscape around Bad Hofgastein into an open-air gallery every year. In summer, events like the festival sommer.frische.kunst attract numerous guests to the valley along the Gasteiner Ache river.

What could be closer after so much art enjoyment during the day than to also spend the night artistically? If you book a room in an Art Hotel in Bad Hofgastein, you will probably also meet many art lovers at breakfast or in the lounge.

What Does the Art Hotel The STORKS Offer?

The Art & Boutique Hotel The STORKS is the ideal synthesis of Art Hotel and Boutique Hotel. The house, with its 1,000-year history, has been carefully expanded by the owner family Stork to include a collection of contemporary artworks.

Encounter works by Greg Gossel in the bar and lounge or watch the Beatles as they cross Abbey Road in a modern interpretation.

Each room is a new discovery of the familiar. Many of the artworks draw on familiar symbols, be they film stars of our youth or comic heroes from childhood. 

 The works were collected by Katharina and Carsten Stork, who hopefully will be able to welcome you to their hotel soon. Book an ART room in this hotel in Bad Hofgastein today and look forward to modern interpretations of stars like Kate Moss and Keanu Reeves upon arrival.

If you have any further questions about art events in the Gastein Valley, feel free to contact us before your booking. Or keep an eye on our blog Storksgeflüster, where we keep you informed about current art events in the Gastein Valley as a service. 

 It’s worth taking a look at the blog: Here you’ll find special offers we provide on the occasion of cultural events. A voucher code listed there will reduce the price per room when making your reservation.

And last but not least: Thanks to the hotel’s location in Bad Hofgastein, you will be staying in the middle of the winter and hiking paradise Gastein. Learn more about your ski hotel in Gastein and read our tips on the topic of hiking in the region ➟ Bad Hofgastein Hiking.